Sunday night. Just got home from work. Where to begin… The first week of school was great. All of my classes will be very fun, and I’m sure I’ll have a great time. Cisco will be interesting. One thing is that the more I learn about computers, the more I’m thinking that this is something that I dont want to do with my life. But it’s early, and I’m keeping my options open.

I talked to Cali at school. I asked her to call Jill this past weekend and ask her out for me. But because I was so busy, I never did call Cali. My guess is that she did not get a hold of Jill, because Jill did not call me with an answer, which was the plan. But there are no worries.

Which brings me to Jennifer. Jennifer is a girl I met at work, although she is a junior at RMHS as well. She is very nice, and I’m really starting to like her. A couple of nights ago, I worked late. She must have followed me around for a half-hour, until I asked her out on a date. On Friday afternoon, I went home with her. This might sound odd. But I must say that I found the whole experience quite intriguing, odd as it may have been. I met her entire family. And I admit that I was a bit scared, considering that I haven’t even gone out with her per se. But it was enlightening. I’m thinking about asking her out. Wish me luck.

Since I have a class in about nine hours, I shall close for tonight.