Where to start, where to start…

I haven’t written in a while. Why? Many reasons. The monitor went out, and so I couldn’t write until I got a new one (in color). I have also been incredibly busy in recent weeks. So I’ll try to recap what I can remember…

The thing with Jennifer was short-lived. It was just kind of treading water, going nowhere. She ended it. I had no problem with that.

Um, I was fired from Target … They found that my performance after 90 days was unsatisfactory. But it’s no big deal.

Perhaps I’m being a bit nonchalant?

My Fair Lady, our fall musical, was extremely successful. All those nights of staying at Rocky until 11:30 at night were well worth it. I ran sound for the show, by myself, which I am very proud of. We just about sold out all three nights, which was great.

Now for the kicker … On the Friday of MFL, I met and became somewhat acquainted with a sophomore named Linsey Power. Being the trooper that I am, I stayed at RMHS without a break until after the show. Linsey and her friend Tara came and hung out with me after school. Linsey struck me that day. Starting that morning, she came on very strong, and would not stop flirting with me. This would not have been a problem with me had not a friend of Linsey’s, Shauna, wanted to go out with me. I had asked Shauna out a few days earlier, and she had said that it should be later, because she had issues to sort out, which apparently, only took her a few days.

But anyway, Friday afternoon, it was just Tara, Linsey, and I, alone in the auditorium. Linsey started hitting on me hard. By the end of the afternoon, we had kissed, felt, and talked about having sex with each other.

Should I even have to mention that I was happily surprised?

It’s now about a week and a half later, and I’m going out with Linsey. God, shes awesome. I thought I was sexually pre-occupied, but I’m nothing compared to her. Just this last Friday, I ditched 4th period and went with her to her house. She explained to me just how she could fist herself and so on I was supposed to go over to her house tonight. But her mom decided that it was family day. But I have no worries. (Her mom is cool, too. Much like Michelle’s.)

It might be a little bit early for me to be falling for her, but she is a great girl. I hope this works out. I hope I get some too. But that’s neither here nor there.

Perhaps this isnt a lot for some to be happy about, but I am on top of the World, and I have no intention of leaving any time soon.