[Author’s Note: This entry has three parts. This is Part 1.]

Technically, yesterday was my last official day of my life at Rocky Mountain High School. But today, all of the seniors came back for the Commencement Practice (which I skipped, for obvious reasons), Awards Convocation and the Senior Picnic.

Awards Convocation

Same thing every year. It’s not that special if you are a senior, either. Anyway, I received an award for Technical Theater, wich I did not go to accept. Reason being that I would have been the only senior walking up to the podium in plain clothes, as opposed to a cap and gown. I later got my award from Mrs. Parker after the ceremony.

The Senior Picnic

This was a lot of fun, mainly because Megan skipped Chemistry to go to the picnic with me. We hung out with Matt and Buffy, Cali, and many others. A good way to go out.