Okay, so my car is still dead (FUCK!) …

So my dad had to take me to work today. The only problem with this was that he took me at 5 o’clock in the morning! So I went into the classroom and played around on the internet for a while, played Super Mario, and watched the clock slink by …

The day wasn’t too bad. We had to deliver the Code of Conduct books to all of the classrooms, so that ate into the time a bit …

After work, I waited for Megan to finish school, and then we went to her hockey practice so she could be in the team picture for the yearbook. Megan ditched the rest of the practice, and we left to our second picture extravaganza for OpenStage. I actually got my *own* headshots done, with makeup and everything! (God, I felt like a stud.) Pictures are coming soon!

Then we had some time to kill, so Megan and I went to McDonald’s before rehearsal. There, we got into a bit of a fight … she was frustrated because she can’t do anything to help my situation, and I felt bad because I feel that I’m imposing on her by asking things of her or taking generosity as a moment of weakness for myself … sigh.

Eventually, we got things worked out, and we made it to rehearsal … which was actually the best one that we’ve had so far. (Yay!)

Kathy Leonard was nice enough to drive me home (she lives in Loveland, too). We had a nice conversation about my involvement in theatre and other things, along with my exile from RMHS theatre … it was really nice.

When I got home, I found out that (through no fault of her own) my mom had managed to wreck my grandma’s Blazer. She was pretty distraught about that, and I didn’t make things better by complaining about my car problems. So we had a bit of a fight …

I went to my room and then she knocked and we talked. She’s mad because there’s nothing she can (or will) do about my situation. Oh well.

Truth be told, if she wanted to do something, she would.

Anyway, I should probably end for now. Got to get up at 4:30 tomorrow! [Insert tear here.]

Till next time,
Peace, love, and gumdrops.

[Author’s Note: This will be my last entry until Monday. Reason being that I’m going to house-sit for my aunt this weekend, and will not be able to update until I return home.]