Today was Megan and I’s 2 month anniversary. So I guess it was providence that these latest events had to happen yesterday.

I woke up feeling pretty bad about yesterday. Woke up is a stretch … I don’t think I ever actually went to sleep. Anyway, after working on my geography work for a while, I decided to check my e-mail. In it I found a message from Megan telling me how sorry she was … about everything. God, I felt horrible.

I busted out. I had to see her. So I drove to her house and we took a fairly long walk. It was nice to sort everything out this way. I stayed at her place until about 7:30 (I had to be home @ 8). Then she asked me, “can I come with you?” I said sure, so she went and asked her parents …

She hung out at my place until 10ish. It was really nice. A very nice way to spend what could have been a disasterous anniversary. Sweet dreams tonight … 🙂