Well, she didn’t waste any time….

From: “Jennifer Van Ort”
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: WOW
Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 21:54:26 -0600


As stupid as it is that I am e-mailing you instead of talking to you in person feel I should explain myself and since it is too late to call you and obviously we never get to talk during the day, so here goes:

My thoughts on you have not changed at all in reality – “yeah right”, you are probably thinking right now considering the hateful words I wrote last night. First, I apoligize for that – it was more my venting al lot of hurt confusion about several things rather than all meant for you. What started it all was you actions during prom. I guess I am more to blame than you but felt almost mocked when you danced with me considering you hardly said anything to me and Megan and Natalie, etc had to monitor us the entire song.

It really seemed like a forced obligation than your choice and that really hurt. Then I just had to endure you and Megan on cloud nine all night wishing more than anything that it was me in your arms and my eyes you were gazing into lovingly. So in my depressed confusion I sought out your journal on Sunday night (technically really early Monday morning instead of studying for my AP test) hoping it would offer some insight into my aparently hopeless longing. However, the only insight I found on the site was that I was right about you and Megan and you asked her out FOUR days after flirting with me. That was the ultimate blow. You lied to me about not asking her out for a long time and that convinced me even more that I was just some one night fling- which further added to my fruhstration about Friday which seemed like just another repeat of the first fling. Moral of story — I felt very used and now am very confused. I do still like you a lot and now wonder what it means that you like me too but I guess that just means we are back at ground zero. Sorry for attacking you – it has been a long and very odd weekend and I really want something to happen between us.

Talk to you soon (hopefully since I miss what we shared on Friday!)


Today was Megan and I’s 3 Month Anniversary!!!

Things were great! It wasn’t really planned, but it ended up being our “gag gift” anniversary: Megan bought me a dress-up-as-Batman play suit, and I bought her a pair of black Victoria’s Secret thong underwear… Actually, I purchased this with Lizzy and Keeli a few weeks ago when they “drug me” (aka I went because I needed something to do) underwear shopping with them.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Megan and I agreed to wear each other’s present at school the next day. Ahh … she’s so great.

But I still have to deal with the rest of this shit …