For the past couple of days, I’ve been going to dealerships to look for a new car. Yesterday, I went to two and they both either turned me down or wanted a $5000 down payment! They say that because I’m so young, I have no credit. But I can’t get any credit because I’m so young.

Now let’s think about this: How in the hell am I supposed to be able to establish credit if I can’t get anyone to lend to me???? Does this sound stupid to anyone else?!

After work today, I went to another dealership, and they told me the same thing. God, this is so frustrating! But something will pan out … [gulp] … I hope.

[Changing gears.]

My actual day at work wasn’t too bad. I got to work at about 6:30am, and I looked around on the internet for a while. Work actually seemed to fly by today … which is good.

After hockey practice, Megan came and picked me up so she could go to OpenStage with me. It’s so much better having her there … I really wish she was there every night. But I’m *definitely* thankful for the time she is there, that’s for sure.

We actually had to leave early from rehearsal because she had to be home at 10:30, so she came and stayed for a few minutes before she had to go home.

Ah, time to retire for the day.

[edit: addition]

Oh, something I forgot to mention yesterday: After months of downtime, is now again available at

I *do* pay my bills, even if it’s in the subsequent year … 😉