While I was working at Rocky over the summer, Nina was asked to take Geldon (a student we had during the summer) for the day on Saturday, July 28. His mom was getting re-married and she wanted to keep him occupied for the day. Nina asked me if I wanted to help her and I said, “ok.”

So I went to pick Nina up this morning at her boyfriend Ryan’s house (she is currently between homes because her parents just sold their house). Then we went to pick up Geldon.

We had him from 9am to 6pm … we needed to fill time.

So we took him to Perkins … and City Park … and the wedding … and EPIC … and Ryan’s house … and my house … wow.

Like I said, we were filling time. We even managed to be late for the wedding because we had to go back to my house to get some dress clothes and to change Geldon.

By the time we took Geldon home at 6pm, Nina and I were fried. I took her back home, met Ryan, and went home.

Okay, I’m tired. Time to stop now …