I’ve gotta say, having used PC’s — and to a much smaller extent, Linux environments — for the past several years exclusively, Leopard is a damn fine operating system.  You’ve got to respect software that runs as well as it does on hardware it’s not even supposed to run on.

A few of my friends are Apple fanpeeps, and I think I’m starting to understand why.  Although I will agree with pundit Paul Thurrott that OS X, despite Apple billing it as “for the rest of us,” is actually geared toward fairly savvy users for anything that’s done with apps that don’t start with “i”.  But it’s pretty darn nifty, and I personally can’t wait to start doing some development on it, as web dev is actually supposed to be better in OS X thanks to some of the built-in tools and the UNIX architecture.

That being said, oh Apple-fan-friends, can you recommend some good Mac apps for my quasiMac?