Megan came and picked me up today because after last night, we left my car at Rocky. So she came over and we went to a few stores (Best Buy, the mall, etc.) and then we went over to the Village Vidiot because Megan wanted to see A Clockwork Orange.

Then we went over to Megan’s to have spaghetti that her mom made. The meal wasn’t bad, but I could have done without the rather, *uncomfortable* situation. I don’t know what it is, but her parents always seem so … fake. And I can’t stand that! Oh well.

After dinner, we went downstairs to watch A Clockwork Orange. We got about twenty minutes till the end, and then the doorbell rang.

It was Jake.

He had just gotten done with his date with Joanne, and he told us how it was.

He said that he was utterly confused with Joanne, and wanted Megan to find out what her take on it was. Megan said she would at church, and Jake left.

While Jake was there, Megan seemed to be very angry at me and I couldn’t figure out why. After he was gone, she told me that it was because she couldn’t be mad at him. I wondered why she was mad at him, and she said it was because he had “ruined her night.”

Then we got into a bit of a fight.

I was upset because she was so set on being selfish about her night, and she was upset too, saying, “Well, now you’ve seen what kind of person I really am … I’m a selfish bitch who always gets her way …”

After a bit, we both calmed down and I told her that things happen that we can’t control, and if we ask for help at the inconvenience of others, then we should be able to be on the other end of it too.

After the air settled, we finished watching the movie. Then we hung out for a while and watched some TV (!). Unfortunately, Megan’s mom came down at about 11:20 and said that I had to go home.

God, I hate Megan’s mom. Oh well … It was a fun day anyway …