This is, to date, my Tour de Force, if such a thing exists for spoof videos made by volunteers on a nonexistent budget for a convention on Labor Day weekend.

My friends Brian and Patrick filmed a day’s worth of these great sports in Klingon garb dancing in a community center. They had no real script or idea for the commercial, just the footage. I remember talking to Brian, and getting a response something like, “Try to do something with it.”

So here’s what I came up with. The “script” took a couple of hours of reviewing the shots and then about fifteen minutes of putting them down on a stickie note. I think it came out pretty well, considering.

I also decided to use pseudonyms, since I think that having my name in the credits more than once for such a short video comes off as a bit pretentious. So, for the record, Melvin Ferd and El Duckie Caliente are also yours truly.

I am not, however, Clay Leapheart. That’s a real person. (I think.)

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