I’m baaaaaack!

You can’t keep a good duckie down, I guess. It’s been seven months since I’ve put anything of substance online, and today seemed as good a time as any to start up again.

Seven months ago, I took my public presence on the internets down to think, change and re-tool. And now, here I am with a new site, a new outlook and a clean slate. So welcome, all two of you, to what I’m calling the chrislanphear.com “REboot”.

Things are going to be a bit different around here, folks. The last time around, my journal became exactly what I didn’t want: a whining, crying, bitch-session from someone who saw no other way to state his feelings than spew messages of distrust, uncertainty and pain.

No more. The person who wrote those posts is dead.

You know, life isn’t always roses, but that fact alone doesn’t give me — or anyone — reason to subvert that negativity onto those who didn’t ask for it and didn’t deserve it. I can only hope that my penance for those who got caught in the crossfire was enough to move forward.

With that, I’m not entirely sure what the goal with this version of the ever-evolving experiment is, other than to make it a better than the last go-round. I also want it to be more of a show instead of a tell. A document, a history, is so much more than words and images are probably just as important if not more so than anything I could write here.

Again, welcome back. We’ll see how it goes. As always, glad to have y’all along for the ride.