1. Almost twenty-nine, which is almost thirty.
  2. Born in Kansas, raised in Colorado. Still here.
  3. Parents are twice-devorced.
  4. One sister, one brother. Both younger.
  5. Straight.
  6. Spoken for.
  7. I wander the earth.
  8. Former webgeek/PR rep for an independent film company.
  9. Still fighting for independent art.
  10. Sometimes spiritual/introspective; not affiliated.
  11. No kids; not ready for any.
  12. Part-time HR geek/video editor/ham for dragon*con tech staff and [dragon*con tv].
  13. Full-time student of life.
  14. My goal is to become a true polymath. (Look it up.)
  15. Fone (phone) geek.
  16. Because I like that spelling better, that’s why.
  17. Professional wrestling, too.
  18. Because it’s fun.
  19. The nickname came from Amy. Ask her.
  20. If this were any other site, it would be a “blog” and this would be the “about” page.