Christopher Lanphear
aka Duckie
Me - Rocky Mountain National Park, October 2003 [Heather Stanfield]

Me. Twenty-something. Born to Milo Joe Lanphear and Deanna Alcala on August 17, 1982 at St. Catherine Hospital in Garden City, Kansas. Honestly, I remember almost nothing of Kansas. My parents were divorced before I was a year old, and my mother and I moved to Colorado.

Spent life in Sterling, Colorado until I was eight years old. Attended St. Anthony’s Catholic School through the first month of second grade, at which point many members of my family (myself included) emigrated about two hours west to Fort Collins.

Attended St. Joseph Catholic School, Preston JHS and Rocky Mountain High School. Graduated to the real world in 2001.

Bear - FAO Schwartz, New York

Although high school was, in many ways, a three-year-long soap opera with no time for commercials, it was during my sentence there that I discovered and really embraced a love for music and the theatre. During my junior year, I directed my first show, a one-act play called, “No One Wants to Know.” I was also fortunate enough to become a part of Rocky Mountain Singers my senior year, which afforded me several wonderful opportunities, including a chance to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City, which we did in March of 2001.

Since high school, I’ve been serving my heroin-like arts obsession by working for OpenStage Theatre in Fort Collins. As of this writing, I’ve worked eight shows for the company in less than two years, with duties ranging from assistant direction to stage management to acting, although that last one is actually a fluke. I’ve been on hiatus from the company for some time. I hope to return at some point, although I have no idea when that will be.

I’ve been in love four times in my life, the most recent of which being in late 2003. I’m currently single and, to be completely honest, I’m okay with that. When something good comes along, hopefully I’ll be awake to see it.

Purple Pam & Myself - TromaDance 2004

For the past four years, I’ve been a Webmaster/Promotions monkey for New York-based Troma Entertainment. I was originally enlisted by Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz in the spring of 2000 to manage Currently, I manage several web-based projects for the company, including: The Official Site of The Toxic Avenger, The Dogpile 95 Doctrine of Digital Filmmaking, The TromaDance Film Festival, and our home video distribution division, Troma Team Video. Outside the interweb, I have heavy responsibilities for several Troma events, including the TromaDance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, and Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

The TromaDance Team, January 2004 [Becky Cady]

Working for Troma has led to many opportunities and several long-lasting friendships, both of which I’m incredibly grateful for. The Troma Team has a passion for filmmaking, which, like it or not, I seem to have inherited. I’ve been told that if I don’t behave, I’ll be forced to appear in the next Troma film, Poultrygeist. (Cross yer fingers, folks.)

In the spirit of things learned from the Tromatic experience, along with my longtime friend, roommate and confidant, Jake Theisen, I formed Smiling Peanut Entertainment (formerly Smiling Peanut Productions), an upstart independent feature film production company. Although it’s been in pre-production for some time now, we’re still working on our first film, Black Balloon. We’ll get it done soon enough, though.

A Walk in the Snow Five, January 2002

The hetero life-mate and I currently share a dwelling known as The Treehouse on the southeast side of Fort Collins. Directions available upon request. Submit a photo and our secretary will get right back to you.

Last Life Update: 14 April, 2004