My presence on this thing we call the internets has gone through various incarnations, tracing back to 1996, when I got my first account on Tripod. Since then, a number of different webhosts, domains, designs and formats.

This version of the ever-changing experiment, which I’m calling “REboot”, runs primarily on the WordPress publishing platform with a number of plugins installed. The base for this modified design comes from Revolution Blog, provided by Brian Gardner. I wish I could take credit for this elegant theme, but I just can’t.

The webhost is unsurprisingly SMILING PEANUT web hosting. (Hey, if I can’t get a cheap plug on my own website, the terrorists win.)

A good portion of the coding is mine, ham-handed though it may be. The Lifestream is 100% my code. Not sure what to do with that stuff yet.

My toolset:

  • EditPlus 3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • FlashFXP 3
  • Good old-fashioned Vi
  • A little know-how
  • A whole lot of reverse engineering

Hey, I’m not perfect. Neither is this website. So it seems a logical and fitting extension of me. If you find something broken, lemme know. Maybe I’ll get around to it. 😉