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Ed. note: Originally published at on 13 November, 2002. Original artwork by Ming Chen. Toxie and Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD are registered trademarks of Troma Entertainment, Inc. Used under license. Copyright 2002 Chris Lanphear.

Greetings from Tromaville!

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled Tromatic programming for a special presentation, in honor of a hero here in Tromaville. True toxicity to return next time, folks

A Man Among People

Doug gutsIn late 1999, during the production of CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV, a lowly 19 year-old P.A. (production assistant) named Doug Sakmann began his career in Tromaville. Little did Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz and the entire Troma Team know, but we were all in store for a hell of a ride.

After the completion of CITIZEN TOXIE, President of Troma and Creator of the Toxic Avenger himself, Lloyd Kaufman, offered Doug full-time gainful employment as Tromas Head of Production and Marketing.

As one of his first duties with Troma, Doug helped to establish the TromaDance Film Festival, the firstand onlyfilm festival of the people, for the people and by the people. With the help of and, TromaDance 2000 was a huge success, and became a yearly event in Park City, UT. But Doug didnt stop there

Tromadance 2000 card

Cannes You Dig It?

As Head of Marketing, one of Dougs biggest and most important tasks was to manage the Troma Team during the annual Cannes Film Festival. One of the most important times of the year for Troma, it was Dougs responsibility to coordinate the marketing of the Troma name and organize the infamous Troma parades. He accomplished this by spraying flyers, slime and blood throughout the Croisette of Cannes, attracting film buyers, the public and media from all over the world

Cannes chomp Cannes goo

Taking the Nation by Bus

As one of Dougs last projects for Troma, he created and managed one of our biggest events ever, Tromaville On Tour [which can be read about here]. As Production Manager of the Tour, Doug made sure that the ToT Team was well-fed (not really), well-rested (almost) and on-time (ha!). BUT! He helped us get the word and message of Troma out to the people, and took on what became a humongous project.


Back to the World

Doug has left Tromaville for the next step, and we wish him all the best. To me, Doug is a hero in Tromaville, and he will be missed greatly by all of us who know him. Tromaville is a better place because you lived here, and itll be hard to fill your toxic shoes.

Douglas, we salute you, with our pants down and one finger held high in the air. Wherever you go, take solace in the fact that Toxie and Kabukiman wont be too far behind

Remember, Toxie Loves You!

NEXT TIME: No more excuses, a new DVD pick will await you devoted followers!