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Ed. note: Originally published at on 30 October, 2002. Original artwork by Ming Chen. Toxie and Sgt. Kabukiman, NYPD are registered trademarks of Troma Entertainment, Inc. Used under license. Copyright 2002 Chris Lanphear.

Greetings from Tromaville!

Halloween is always a strange time here in Tromaville. That being said, lets talk about he we celebrate this most sacred of holidays amidst the toxic waste


Over the past couple of years, people have asked me how they can have the best Troma-themed Halloween party. Well, as far as I know, theres no one way to do it. But here are some tips

1.) Get the word out. If youre a big Troma fan and want to spread the word, put up flyers in your cafeteria, bulletin boards, etc. Boost your popularity and Tromas recognition at the same time!

Partay2.) Promise free food. If people come and they dont have some type of sustenance, drinks or otherwise, they might not stay. So stock up! Besides, bologna sandwiches are required eating on a Troma set; you might as well try to be as authentic as possible!

3.) Contact and let them know about your party!

4.) Have fun!

5.) Extra points to anyone that comes to the party dressed as a Troma character!

For any person that hasnt seen a Troma movie, start your party with a showing of THE TOXIC AVENGER. If they can handle the famous head-crushing scene (assuming that you have the unrated directors cut!), they can handle anything! And speaking of Toxie.

A Hero Returns (i.e. Shameless Self-Promotion)

In 2001, Troma launched TOXICAVENGER.COM by popular demand, to showcase the films of everyones favorite hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength. While the site was chock-full of contentaudio, video, interviews and suchit wasnt updated for some time.

Well, were pleased to announce the re-launch of TOXICAVENGER.COM on Thursday, October 31st! Tomorrow, point your browser on over to the new and improved TOXICAVENGER.COM to get in on all the toxic happenings, including the latest news on the DVD of CITIZEN TOXIE: THE TOXIC AVENGER IV!

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Remember, Toxie Loves You!

NEXT TIME: The full return to this columns unfettered glory, including a new DVD pick!

Chris Lanphear stopped trick-or-treating a long time ago, but still dresses up like The Toxic Avenger in his bathroom late at night.