Work was alright, about as good as it ever is …

After work, my mom and I drove to Greeley because she spoke with someone at Greeley KIA who “pre-approved” me for a brand new car! I thought, “this is freakin’ great!”

Then I found out how it really was.

When we got to the dealership, the manager told me: “You can have a pick of basically anything on the lot.” So I started looking. To make a long story short, each time I would look at a car, they would tell me something like: “that’s too much car for you.”

So I got pissed and I told the manager that this had been a waste of my time. He told me that he was gonna try some other avenues and get back to me. (The only good thing was that he told me that I could have anything that was $7000 or less, so I guess that’s something.) So, I’m now playing the waiting game.

On the way back home, we (my mom and I) got into a huge argument about … well, everything. And, as usual, first she got mad, then sad. I really wish that she would pick an emotion and stay with it.

By the time we got home, I had to go right back out to OpenStage. Rehearsal went well — we were just working trouble spots. So we were able to go home at about 8:30. I was supposed to go to CooperSmith’s with everyone for a drink, but instead, I just got in the van and drove home.

In The Rain.

What a Day.