The day was going okay, not worse than any other day, I guess. Things have really been building up, much of which with the problems at work. I’m really tired of being the one blamed for what goes wrong with our kids, or whatever. And today, we had three accidents that could have been avoided or at least paid more attention to.

And because I’m stupid (in this respect) I’ve been taking all my aggression out on Nina. And after the third occurence, she called me on it. I told her that I decided to just watch my own back, go and do my job, and leave. I don’t need this shit. I don’t need to be all “buddy-buddy” with everyone, and I don’t know why I ever thought I needed to in the first place. So, yeah, I was pretty pissed.

After school, Megan took me home and we hung out here for a while. (The dumb fuck from the KIA dealership never called like he said he was going to.) Then we went and ran some errands (taking movies back, visiting Jake). We went to Schlockbuster and rented Four Rooms, one of my favorite movies.

I just now got home, and I gotta say that I’m so so glad it’s the weekend. 🙂