Today at lunch, I dawned my Batman attire in front of all of our friends. It was kinda fun … There’s even this little gun that shoots foam darts that came with it.

Everyone had a good time trying it on and playing with the toys. Good time was had by all …

Today, the auditorium was destroyed in order to renovate it for next school year. It’s about frickin’ time is all I can say. That auditorium packs more people in it than any other high school in Fort Collins (the 2 that there are) and it deserves to be up to today’s standards … Anyway, the seats are being removed so that they can be reupholstered and all of the carpet is being replaced. Goodbye puke green crap!

Whilst inside there taking pictures of the ruins with Megan, I badgered her into showing me her thong. Heh … it was fun.

That’s about it for today.