It turns out that Megan’s family had decided to go to Water World for the day… which means that we had the whole house to ourselves, and boy! what a fun time it was. For a present, Megan gave me a box full of 19 individually-wrapped items, each with a typewritten phrase that was … rather suggestive.

Among the highlights: fuzzy handcuffs, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, massage and bath oil, and tons of other goodies.

It was so nice … we ended up taking a shower together and having a lot of fun with that. After we left the house, we went over to the New West Fest, and we ran into Matt & Buffy, Jim Babb and some other people. It was fun, being able to see everyone there.

Afterwards, we went to CooperSmith’s to have dinner, which was delicious.

Oh god, it was such a good time. Certainly my best birthday ever. My baby is so good to me … 🙂