I sent Jenn an e-mail expressing my disgust for this most recent turn of events and the fact that she didn’t have the decency to tell me about this, even now. I believe I ended it with something like:

“I can’t believe I ever wanted to leave Megan for you …”

* * *

I finally told Megan about everything that happened with Jenn.

She took it pretty well, considering.

Surprisingly well, in fact.

I guess we’re gonna try and put this behind us now. I’m glad it’s over.

* * *

Springfest was today. I ended up getting there at about 1pm and hooking up with Megan. Chres, Frank and some of those guys entered as a team in the volleyball tournament. That was fun to watch.

We saw Jenn there, with Lilan. Both Megan and I did our best to avoid her and not think about it. She kept staring at me. Heh … how funny.

Megan and I ended up getting free t-shirts from Mrs. Druse for helping out Dug (Doug Scott). He’s a pretty cool kid. He spent the whole time acting like he knew me and hanging out with me. I was surprised, considering that I didn’t really know him. Not like it was a status-upper or anything, but it was interesting.

Is that about it? I think so.