Jake wanted to hang out with me today, so he came and picked me up. We went around to some CD stores, looking for the Hackers soundtracks and the Jay and Silent Bob CD.

Then we decided to go and visit Megan’s hockey practice at the old Fort Collins High School. We sat there for a while, listening to the Jay & Bob CD in Jake’s car. Then we got a call from Amanda, who wanted to do something tonight. So we waited for Megan to get out of practice, and then we called Amanda.

She wanted to go see Swordfish with us, so we started making plans to go to a 9:30 show. Then Megan’s mom pulled some shit about her having to be home at 11, when she knew fully well that Megan wouldn’t have been home in time if she went and saw the movie. So needless to say, Megan couldn’t go. She wasn’t exactly happy.

So Jake and I spent time at Megan’s until we had to meet Amanda at the theatre. I told Megan that I would call her tomorrow and to have a good first day of school. But yeah, it sucked.

Jake, Amanda and I went and saw the movie, and it was great! Amanda and I sat there, making fun of stuff and just being obnoxious. After the movie, we sat outside in the parking lot and listened to the Jay and Silent Bob soundtrack, laughing our asses off at the Afroman song, “Because I Got High.”

I’m gonna miss Amanda (she’s leaving for UNC tomorrow). But we’re gonna stay in touch, and I hope she has fun in college.

As far as me, I still have nothing to do …