Not much going on today.  I spent the day fixing problems with Leopard, researching apps, fixing my Vista Media Center problems and editing photos for a web development client.  Honestly, I could take today or leave it.  I’m glad I fixed the PC problems, but I felt like I was treading water all day.  The evening was better, with some fine dinner and a slice of time spent with S.

More than anything, I’m apprehensive.  As a follow-up from a couple of days ago, tomorrow should be the actual “start.”  I suppose we’ll see.

And as for the subject I mentioned in the previous entry about the subject I planned to write about today, I’m tabling that for another day, although as I told S at dinner, it will be part of this month’s NaBloPoMo.  I’m just not sure what to say right now, or how to say it.

So that’s today.  Time for bed, I think.