[Author’s Note: This entry has three parts. This is Part 2.]

Goodbye …

How sad. The majority of the people I’ve come to know within the past three (and for some, six or more) years will be people that I will never see again. Generally: To those of you that I love, goodbye and God Bless. You will always have your own special places in my heart. For the rest of you, well …

I can’t be general here. There have been way way too many over the years. So here’s my attempt to break things down, so to speak. (BTW, this entry is immune to the [name omitted] rule. Sue away.)

Without further adieu, the List, in no particular order …

Thank You to my Mentors and Teachers …

Mr. Stanko: for being utterly, completely insane

Mrs. Lueck: for believing in me

Mr. Johnson: for your passion, your trust, and for stapling your hand

Mrs. DeVries & Annie: for giving me the gift of song

Mr. DeVries: for busting my ass … over, and over, and over, and over again

Mr. Bamford & Mrs. Owen: for caring about me

Mr. Lindner: for being, um … you

[edit: deletion — i’m changing my mind about this one (10.05.01)]

Mrs. Willard: for teaching me Shakespeare

Mr. Balchak: for your guidance and for giving me power!

Mrs. Olander: for appreciating me, even when no one else did

Mrs. Mathews: for your counseling

Mr. Fackleman: for treating me as an equal, and for calling me “brotherman”!

Mr. Richmond: for going off on your rants

Mr. Romero: Holy Macaroni!

Mrs. Twogood: for talking to me

Daveen Dominguez: for being a real person

Mrs. Adams: for making English fun

Mr. Knierim: for making History stick, and for giving me SPAM

Frau Walsh: for teaching me different meanings of the word “sex”

Mrs. Downing and Everyone in the Media Center

Mrs. Jones: for not giving up on me

Mr. Cropp: for saying “Good Evening” in the middle of the day

Mrs. Kilness: for giving me an award!

Mr. Pfeifer: for teaching me Math and the Beastie Boys anthology at the same time

Mr. Shaw: for making it okay to ditch P.E.

Mrs. Boulter: for making me love CU

Mr. Walz: for being the first person to call me “Mr. Lanphear”

Mr. Clark: for being a person

Mrs. Takahashi: for being there

Dr. Radcliff: for never passing judgment

Thank You to My Friends (and Enemies) …

Erik Curiel: for being a friend, whether you knew it or not; and a jackass, which you can do better than you know

Dan Richling: you are such an awesome friend … i’m truly blessed (yipes! just yipes!)

Chas Robles: for always standing by me and letting me know that I wasn’t alone

Mike Briggs: for being my conscience

Jake Theisen: for looking out for everyone but yourself

Buffy Kempf: for listening when no one else would

Matt Bohn: for doing bad Monty Python, and for forgiving me

Amanda Nebelsick: for being a great confidant and pillow

Karla Fremaint: for teaching me that things are not always as they seem; for always being a friend

Corrie Kramer: for always making me laugh

Chres Schmidt: for being a jackass

Kiwi Ebersole: for having a loving soul

Cali Peterson: for being a great conversationalist

Steve Armstrong: for being a compassionate, caring person

Cathy Wright: for teaching me that I, too could be loved

Ryan Keller, Andrew Davis, and Matt Hahn: for being immature

Dan Brake: for allowing me to help you, and for helping me

Jason Michaud: for being a good guy to hang with

Kevin Couch: for being a “squash”

Mary Trautwein: well, you know what you did

Nick Ishimaru: for calming me down

Rachael D.: for being a great friend, at least for a while

Kasey Bloomfield: for being the actor that I knew you could be

John Puma: for your kick-ass birthday party

Jarod Snell: for showing me how not to be

Jessi Reed: for letting me *steal* that first kiss

Josh Higby: for being my punching bag

Sharon Gee: for your kindness

Chris Norris: for exposing me to reality

Ben Steichen: for being as perverted as I am

Katie Steichen: for being the hottest 9th grader I’ve ever known

Stephanie Demaree: for teaching me the difference between love and infatuation

Dana Hutcheson: for the days at your place after school

Jamie Dufloth: for showing me that I could bounce back

Aaron Godbey: for being my parther-in-crime

Nicole Hunt: for being a free spirit

Andrea Christensen: for helping me set a record

Amy Torres: for being sweet, and for teaching me about consequences

Ashley Webber: someday you’ll relax and forgive

Matt Callahan: we makes a good team …

Jesse Perkins, Jim Peterson, Eric Harvey, and Josh Weiser: for cool experiments

Michelle Gebhardt: for teaching me the value of honesty

Leslie, Greg, Kris, Kim, Kathy, and everyone else: for making me feel like I belonged

Carly Garner: for “Carpy”

Josh Gallatin: for being the “Juice”

Kelsey McKelfresh: for your talent

C. Evan Camomile: for the fishhooks

Brendan Condit: for being annoying

Tiffany Donahoe: for being a ditz

Terra Brown: for your knowledge

Jeff Fialko & Mike Ortega: for having imaginations

Natalie Bagley: for all the inside information

Lindsey Pettit: for teaching me the power of regret

Aimee Perogoy: for, well, you know

Holly Stollsteimer: for slapping me in the face

Becky Stollsteimer: for caring

Pat Webb: for being the butt of everyone’s jokes

Jamal Murphy: for having a kick-ass bass voice

Ben Shepard: for “The Ben Show”

Brandon Silar & Doug Usher: for passing along your know-how

Nicky Williams: for being my first director

David Sanchez: for laughing at me when I didn’t know why

Jenn VanOrt: for the ego-boost, and for not hating me

Chris Zickrick: for the hide-out in your car

Laura Risheill: for the sessions after school

Paige Pittman: for being H O T !

Joel Lewis: for being more fucked up than me

Rocky Mountain Singers & The RMHS Theater Dept.: for allowing me to be a part

Anyone I forgot: my apologies, take care: all

And, Last But Not Least, Megan Trimble: for going against the grain.