I’m not graduating. I went to Mr. Creegan and told him that I was now ready to do Independent Study Biology with him.

Not gonna happen.

He said that I came to him way too late and he was too busy to help me at this stage in the game, so to speak. He offered to help me during the summer, but that’s a little too little a little too late.

I had a meeting with Mr. Boda and Mr. Knoll to talk about this. They were going into the alternatives, as far as summer school and all that …

I told them that I wish someone would have done something different. But I later came to the realization that the only one I had to blame was myself. Boda said that he respected that. And then he said that is was partially their (“their” meaning him and Knoll) fault for making it seem like I actually had a chance to do all of this work in such a short amount of time.

I guess I knew this was going to happen. I just spent a lot of time telling myself that it wasn’t. Denial is a powerful master.

That’s life, I guess.