Okay, so last night really, really sucked …

On the way to the game, Megan mentioned talking to Natalie and Amy while we were there. I don’t know why, but something in me just snapped. As we got to the game, Megan walked away and said she was going home. Both of us were *pissed*.

Jake went into the game, and Megan and I stayed out in front of Rocky and talked (and yelled) and talked. Eventually, both of us calmed down. I was mad because I didn’t think that it was too much to ask to have one night to myself, as far as she was concerned. She was mad because she said that there’s no way that she can please everyone, and she’s tired of trying. I also said that I was the only one trying to make things better, and she said that I didn’t recognize what she is trying to do to help things.

We agreed that we both need to work on not being so selfish, and that we would continue to work on things.

After the 3rd quarter started, we went back to the game, only to find Jake leaving the stadium. He was upset because we made him sit by himself the entire game while we were talking. His problem was that we are too selfish and don’t consider him and value him.

After some talking (or rather yelling, again), we all calmed down and agreed to try to make things better. When we got to Jake’s car, his cell phone rang. It was Amanda, and she said she was gonna come down to Ft. Collins and wanted to do something with us. So we all agreed to meet at Megan’s house.

When Amanda got to Megan’s, we were all gonna rent a movie and watch it at my house. Well, when we finally got to my house, Megan seemed upset and went and sat in the kitchen. She told me that her problem was having to deal with things she couldn’t control (ie: Amanda coming over, Jake), and she was pissed.

During our discussion (fight), we saw Jake leave. Apparently, he was pissed with the whole evening and didn’t want to be there anymore. Eventually, we talked things down and finished watching the movie with Amanda.

Amanda ended up staying the night because she needed a place to crash before she had to go to work. Megan stayed till about 2am, then she went home.

Good God, Jake hates me now. We have to fix this. Megan is supposed to talk to him today. I guess we’ll see how that goes …